#6 Theses on Hope reading group

in collaboration with Markues
From 21 September, every Wednesday from 9–11am

The THESES ON HOPE series will be complemented by a reading group. At the beginning, we will explore the ideas of Ernst Bloch, a Marxist philosopher who aspired to liberate the analysis of class relations from its technocratic dimension.

Bloch’s thoughts revolve around utopia, hope, collective liberation, our relationship to faith, and societal emancipation by means of technology–in short, around the promise of a better and more egalitarian future, one which we will attempt to revive and reinvigorate from a present-day perspective.

Conceived and facilitated together with the visual artist and author Markues, the THESES ON HOPE reading group will meet every Wednesday morning from 9 to 11 am. For the readings, participants will familiarise themselves with the relevant passages in advance. We will aim to read about 30–50 pages per week independently, before coming together to discuss them.

All the reading group texts will be read in German. Please register your interest by writing to:

Hans Neubert: Ernst Bloch (1977), Pencil on paper, 42 x 56 cm