Between Bridges Artist Residency
Open Call
Deadline: 21 October 2023

#13 Ioana Nemeș: Times Colliding
13 September–28 October 2023

Between Bridges is delighted to present an exhibition by Romanian conceptual artist Ioana Nemeș (1979–2011), to date her first solo show in a non-commercial art space in Germany. Comprising several series from the last decade of her artistic output across a variety of media, the exhibition orbits around an elaborate composite of works, a diagrammatic system of (self-)observations grouped under the umbrella title Monthly Evaluations (2005–2010): Driven by the desire “to record, dissect, understand and describe the intangible things such as life or time”, Nemeș developed a methodology of day-to-day assessments based on a distinct set of parameters (physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, and luck). The artist then coupled these daily charts with numerical systems, colour codes, and fragments of poetic texts. These evaluations have generated an archive of lived experience, a framework from which Nemeș could operate, extracting particular days and giving shape to them as paintings, objects, or sculptures. In doing so she could bind works together as elliptically linked compositions and possible narratives; assessing the intersections between psychological rhythms that were both personal and historical; and transforming abstract notions of time into palpable and affective forms.

The exhibition is jointly curated by Kilobase Bucharest, Fanny Hauser and Viktor Neumann.

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Between Bridges Residency
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July–December 2023

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