About Between Bridges Foundation:

Between Bridges is a foundation (est. 2017 by Wolfgang Tillmans) committed to humanism, solidarity, and the advancement of democracy. It supports the arts, LGBT+ rights and anti-racism work.     

If you want to support the activities of Between Bridges, you can make a donation. The donation is tax deductible. Please contact us for details via e-mail:


About Between Bridges exhibition space:

Between Bridges is also a non-profit exhibition space, initiated in 2006 by Wolfgang Tillmans. After its first chapter in London’s 223 Cambridge Heath Road from 2006–2011 and its second chapter in Berlin’s Keithstraße 15 from 2014–2019, its third chapter in Berlin’s Adalbertstraße 43 begun in July 2022.


Between Bridges
Adalbertstraße 43
10179 Berlin