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From 14 April onwards
Meeting Place

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Meeting Place
From 14th April onwards

Until 7th May
Exhibition: Tour of Syria, Bachar Al Chahin

Wallpaper: A Sampling of the Issues at Play

Since last autumn many friends in the art community have, like myself, been asking themselves similar questions: ‘What can I do?’; ‘How can I help?’; 'How can we address a situation that's in constant flux?'
In particular we are confronted with a trio of interconnected issues:

  • A large portion of Europeans not wanting to accept that the people arriving on their shores are ‘real refugees’. Instead calling them economic migrants, resulting in a lack of compassion, from a position of being one of the richest continents on Earth.
  • The rise of right-wing parties who take advantage of a discontent with the effects of globalisation and scaremongering about one and a half million new arrivals into a population of 508 million Europeans. The emergence of a previously unacceptable rhetoric amongst previously unradicalised parts of the population. The fear of one million refugees caused the right wing vote in Germany to jump from 3% to 15%.
  • A passionate animosity towards the European Union, the most successful peace project in the history of mankind. To look at the detractors of the EU, who work from within and outside, is a sobering wake up call.

From this month Between Bridges wants to be a forum, however small; a platform, however powerless, to discuss and organize activity from within the art community.

The open-ended project entitled Meeting Place does not offer easy or simple answers to the complex array of questions we’re faced with. Hesitation however is no answer either.
The only uncompromising way to start addressing the state we’re in, seems to be to get to know each other. Social science has demonstrated again and again that xenophobia increases with the distance of the ‘stranger’ in question.

There are many who want this moment in time, this situation, this crisis to go wrong. Whatever one thinks in party political terms, I do believe Angela Merkel’s, by now much derided phrase, ‘We can handle it’ (Wir schaffen das) is an inspirational call to action for all.

For the last three months a group of people around my studio and Between Bridges met in weekly meetings to try and find a framework for a new programme to deal with the current political climate.
Meeting Place is an attempt to open a space for dialogue, and show that of course we can try to work this out, if only we start to get to know each other.

During the opening hours the space in Keithstrasse 15 will act as a visual showcase for information and exhibits as well as a platform for groups or individuals who would like to meet here. There will also be regular Thursday evening events around the three key issues listed above, acting as more focussed social get-togethers.

The project wants to avoid duplication and is open to be part of / lend it’s resources to already existing initiatives. Wolfgang Tillmans

Every Thursday evening events :


5th May, 7pm Film Screening: Die Unsichtbaren / The Invisible
Benjamin Kahlmeyer (director), Stefan Neuberger (cinematography), Germany 2014, 78min, French, English, German, Swahili, Arabic (with English subtitles)

The documentary The Invisibles accompanies four asylum seekers in Brandenburg on their way through the official proceedings: a rare insight into the black box of asylum law. (

12th May, 7pm
The British EU referendum - A look at the campaigns and arguments for leaving.
With Annett Kottek, Paul Hutchinson and Wolfgang Tillmans (in English)

As both German and British residents, the participants - all involved in developing Wolfgang Tillmans' current anti-Brexit campaign - consider the contra-position in an open conversation. Annett Kottek, b. 1969 in Thuringia, former East Germany, immigrated to London after the re-unification of Germany. MA English Literature from Queen Mary University of London, researcher and poet. Paul Hutchinson, b. 1987 in Berlin, raised between Ireland and Germany, postgraduate studies in the UK. MA Photography from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, photographer.

19th May. 7pm
Political Activism and Art, discussion with Timo Reinfrank and Sophie Vester (Amadeu Antonio Foundation) and guests. (in English/German)

Following up the presentation from of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation by Timo Reinfrank from April 28th, we continue the discussion how artist can contribute new ideas in the current political discussions and get active.
The Amadeu Antonio Stiftung is one of Germany's foremost, independent non-governmental organizations working to strengthen democratic civic society and eliminate neo-Nazism, right-wing extremism, and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry and hate.

26th May, 7pm
KRNYH - Kos refugees need your help, a talk with Valerie Stahl von Stromberg (in English)

The artist and photographer Valerie Stahl von Stromberg lives in Berlin and Kos. The spontaneous and provisional mission in the summer of 2015 to purchase food for the hundreds of refugees, who had arrived on the Greek island of Kos in inflatable dinghies via the Turkish port Bodrum, received strong support through the Facebook event 'Kos refugees need your help' and subsequently established itself as the humanitarian aid organisation KRNYH. The work of KRNYH concentrates on essential, non-medical aid: the provision of food and liaising between restaurant owners, the inhabitants of Kos and the refugees.


14th April, 7pm – Tour of Syria

Exhibition of Bachar Al Chahin and online photographs 'Tour of Syria, before and after the arrival of war and IS’

Bachar Al Mohamad Al Chahin, b. 1971 in Damascus. He studied Archaeology and worked in the Directorate-General for Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) as general/official travel guide in all regions of Syria. Since September 2015 he has lived in Berlin and works as a volunteer in Multaqa: Museum as Meeting Point – Refugees as Guides in Berlin Museums.

21. April, 19 Uhr – Gülây Akın im Gespräch mit Wolfgang Tillmans

Gülây Akın, geb. 1972 in Berlin Kreuzberg, Kunsttherapeutin und Autorin spricht über ihre Arbeit als Aktivistin und mit unbegleiteten minderjährigen Geflüchteten.

28th April, 7pm - Timo Reinfrank, director of Amadeu Antonio Foundation
Timo Reinfrank, b. 1973 in Bremen, has studied Political- and Social Sciences in Berlin and Bonn. In his function as director and coordinator for Amadeu Antonio Stiftung he consults civil society initiatives, political actors as well as administrative bodies in their work against right wing extremism and for democratic culture.
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Exhibition Archive:

Doppelleben - Kunst und Popmusik, by Jörg Heiser (book launch), 7.3.16
Jochen Lempert, 14. 11 16. 01. 2016

Anders Clausen, 19.09. 07.11.2015
Fashion Stories, 2.7 1.8 /2.9. – 12.09. 2015
Greer Lankton, 11.04.15 - 20.06.15
Bring Your Own (Playback Room pt. III), 4.02.15 – 28.02.15
American Producers (Playback Room pt.II), 15.11.2014 – 31.01.2015
Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller by Chloé Griffin (book launch), 6.11.14
Colourbox - Music of the group (1982 - 1987), 13.09.14 – 25.10.14
Scott King, Totem Motif, 17.05.14 – 12.07.14
And Life Goes On… (curated by Karl Holmqvist), 22.03.14 – 04.05.14
Patrick Caulfield, 09.01.14 08.03.14

Marte Eknæs, Escalate, 24.09.11
Len Lye, 'Free Radicals', 19.3.11 21.4.11
Gerd Arntz (1900 - 1988) and Isotype, 13.10.10 28.11.10
Jenny Holzer, Truisms (1977 - 79) and Essays (1979 - 82), 22.05.09 5.7.09
Ull Hohn, 13.02.09 29.03.09
25/34 Photographes (Ralf Marsault / Heino Muller), Fin de Siècle, 7.11.08 21.12.08
Wilhelm Leibl (1844 - 1900), 19.9.08 2.11.08
The Center for Land Use Interpretation, 5.6.08 27.7.08
Isa Genzken, Ground Zero (2), 4.4.08 25.5.08
Art Club 2000, Selected Works 1992 1994, 27.11.07 - 20.1.08
Charles Henri Ford, The Garden of Disorder, 10.10.07 25.11.07
Charlotte Posenenske - Series DW (corrugated cardboard) 1967, 19.4.07 24.6.07
Josef Kramhöller, 25.1.07 11.3.07
Sister Corita; works from the 1960s, 5.10.06 26.11.06
Wolfgang Breuer; Umbel, 30.6.06 24.9.06
David Wojnarowicz, 20.4.06 4.6.06
Jochen Klein

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